Crisis Management

Crisis Management can be described as the link between an incident or event that has an impact on an organisation’s ability to undertake business.


Effective Crisis Management is a natural progression from effective Business Continuity Management.  It is the process of invocation of a Business Continuity solution or solutions when something happens that adversely impacts business critical processes.  As part of an effective crisis management response, the organisation may invoke several preplanned courses of action such as transference of business to other locations, withdrawing from particular non essential business processes, and invoking recovery capabilities to continue to provide a service to customers and other stakeholders.

Many events in the UK and across the globe in the last decade have highlighted the need for organisations to become more effective in crisis response.  These events can be due to natural phenomena such as adverse weather conditions and the threat of disease pandemics, political events ranging from industrial disputes to terrorism and war, and hazards caused by human failure.

More and more, regulators, auditors and corporate clients are demanding that firms demonstrate effective tested business continuity and crisis management capabilities.  For larger organisations, these disciplines are recognised as an essential cost of doing business.

Keystone applies a pragmatic approach to crisis management based on many years of experience in offering crisis management and testing solutions.  Our consultants are recognised as highly experienced in the delivery of crisis management and have worked in both the public and private sectors.  In particular, Keystone is well known in the financial services sector in the UK and our consultants have been extensively involved in the support and delivery of the market wide exercises commissioned by the Tripartite Authorities (the FCA/PRA, Bank of England and HM Treasury).

Benefits of the Keystone Approach

We will leave you with:

  • A fully effective crisis management framework supported by appropriate, pragmatic plans
  • Trained and tested senior managers
  • The ability to demonstrate a positive capability to stakeholders, ensuring continued business.
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