Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity is fundamentally concerned with managing risks to ensure that at all times an organisation can continue operating.


Business Continuity needs to be considered by all companies – SMEs and large organisations.  Unplanned events can impact any business and can have catastrophic effects.  We at Keystone Resilience believe it is better to understand the potential risks up front and to make appropriate contingency plans.  That is why our methodology – our BCM Lifecycle – places an increased focus upon incident prevention by means of risk reduction and resilience, as well as upon recovery. 

Benefits of Keystone Approach

We focus on simplicity and fast track delivery of real benefits by understanding your requirements and providing only what you need.  Our lifecycle components can be addressed as an overall programme or as distinct pieces of work in support of an existing capability.

We have a track record that is second to none in the delivery of robust business continuity solutions and have refined our methodology based on practical experience in many different types of organisations.  All work is done in consideration of UK and Global Business Continuity standards, including ISO 22301.

One of our key differentiators is our fast track Business Impact Assessment that is included in the Research and Analysis component.  Keystone will conduct workshops to review your business and identify the critical business processes, i.e. those that are ‘material’ to the business.  Consideration will then be given to the most appropriate business continuity solution to support these processes and will combine both resilience and recovery solutions.  This fast first step provides immediate benefit in building confidence in the sustainability of the business.

Keystone’s BCM capabilities include:

  • ISO 22301 compliance reviews and support for certification
  • Scope definition, project initiation and programme management
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Risk and proactive threat assessment and the development of mitigation plans
  • Strategic analysis of recovery and resilience solutions
  • Identification of risk reduction programmes and solutions
  • Augmentation of existing operational capabilities in Business Continuity Management
  • Development of plans and procedures based in simple, short, easy to use documents
  • Testing solutions including plan walkthrough and technical testing of recovery component
  • Third party/Outsourced supplier reviews to ensure business continuity capability
  • Organisational Education and Awareness, training, assurance monitoring, capability review
  • Current state assessment – Health Check – of existing programmes and solutions

To find out how Keystone can help your organisation to create a Business Continuity Strategy and Plan from scratch or to review your existing capability, please Contact Us.

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